A family business born with export vocation.

In the year 1988 María Paz Hurtado started to buy and sell olives in one of her rooms in her little apartment in Malaga, equipped just with a teletext machine, followed by a fax, a typewriter, a big dose of illusion and with a husband, who believed her projects to be more than just possible.

Working under these conditions she succeeded to bill until 1992 more than 500 million of the old “Pesetas” (today around 3 million Euros), without any producing infrastructure of their own, until the couple decided in 1992 to risk everything they had achieved until that moment (which certainly was not much) and to buy an old packaging factory, which was closed since 1987 and half destroyed to ruins. With an enormous effort, a total of 4 mortgages on the building and their own home, with interests of more than 18% and a lot of illusion they continued their project – but this time with their own production and packaging line.

What started as a personal activity developped in very little time into a young, integrated and motivated team, ready to offer even the most demanding clients – like Germans, Italians and Americans among others – a more than acceptable product and and excellent service at very competitive prices. These were the keys to convince our clients, which became not only very loyal buyers but developped after years and years of trustful collaboration into commercial partners and above all into very good friends

Hutesa Agroalimentaria S A received several and very renowned awards from its beginnings. It was used in many different business schools as example to analyse the strengths and weak points of a fast growing family busines
The future shows encouraging features, with important short and medium term investments, which will allow us to duplicate our sales statistics and to continue creating high quality employment.

We enjoy to do the things well and this reflects in our way of working:

  • Our maximum aim is to guarantee the control of the product from its origins until it finally ends on the table of the final consumer.
  • The use of natural fillings for our olives (peppers, cheese, lemon, orange, etc.) achieves that the taste for the good gets even better.
  • Our defense of a genious product from Andalusia like our olives is guaranteed by the provided Certificates of Origin.
Hutesa: origen, familia y tradición

Origins, our Flags
From Malaga to the Whole World

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